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Keiser University online degrees are designed to help you achieve your educational goals in a way that works for you. You’ll gain the relevant, hands-on education that will set you apart for the best jobs, in a format that’s convenient and flexible to fit your schedule.

Accounting, AA

Associate of Arts

Acquire the unique skills needed for entry-level accounting positions, including communication and ethics, as well as a fundamental understanding of financial accounting, federal taxation, and the use of office applications and accounting software.

Business Administration, AA

Associate of Arts

Gain the foundational business administration skills needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving global economy. Learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, and develop a solid understanding of business administration methods, management skills, and knowledge.

Business Analytics, AA

Associate of Arts

Learn the foundational and introductory skills needed in Business Analytics, also known as Business Intelligence. This program is designed to introduce and provide a foundation for assisting students in analyzing introductory level business issues. The focus of this program is on developing students’ business, technological, analytical, and communication skills. During the application components of this program, students work independently, in groups, and with external or third-party entities to further develop the necessary skills needed for a business analyst.

Criminal Justice, AA

Associate of Arts

Develop an understanding of the American criminal justice system through an in-depth review of institutions, laws, theories, and the relevant participants. Coursework explores criminal behavior patterns, law enforcement organizations, juvenile systems, legal principles and doctrines, and fundamentals of criminal investigations.

General Studies, AA

Associate of Arts

Design a course of study that meets your personal academic objectives and furthers your professional growth and development by combining courses from eligible disciplines into a coherent program. You’ll complete general education courses along with your choice of interdisciplinary electives.

Health Services Administration, AA

Associate of Arts

Learn the computer skills and software applications necessary in a health care business environment, and develop a foundation in both business and health services administration with courses on business law, management and marketing principles, medical anatomy, physiology and terminology, and front office management.

Homeland Security, AA

Associate of Arts

Gain the training and skills needed for a career in safety and security, exploring everything from the identification and handling of hazardous materials to acts of terrorism and the detailed response and recovery actions of Homeland Security agencies.

Information Technology, AS

Associate of Science

This unique program introduces you to cloud technology, mobile technology integration, programming, data center operating systems, and computer hacking concepts, as well as providing exposure to practical application, technical knowledge, and skills required in today’s work environment. This degree also helps you prepare for professional certifications.

Medical Administrative Billing and Coding, AS

Associate of Science

Prepare for the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) credentialing exam as an apprentice able to use the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) as well as the Current Procedural Terminology and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (CPT-4/HCPCS) to assign accurate medical codes for diagnosis, procedures, and other services provided by physicians and other health care practitioners.

Medical Assisting, AS

Associate of Science

Under the supervision of a physician or licensed practitioner, learn to take vital signs, assist in minor surgeries, administer electrocardiograms, take x-rays, and perform diverse tasks including a variety of administrative duties. Graduates are eligible to take the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam given by the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

Paralegal Studies, AA

Associate of Arts

Learn the skills necessary to become a paralegal in a variety of settings. Coursework addresses the fundamentals such as legal research, document and motion drafting, case management and evidence gathering. Upon completion, you may further your studies with a BA in Legal Studies.

Accounting, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Learn the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting, taxation, accounting information systems and auditing, and how to use accounting and business software systems, along with a solid foundation in business. Graduates are eligible to sit for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam in the state of Florida.

Applied Engineering, BS

Bachelor of Science

Learn the advanced engineering principles and technical skills to become a highly-trained technician. Instruction includes Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA); computer systems; electronics and instrumentation; programmable logic controllers (PLCs); electric, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems; actuator and sensor systems; process control; robotics; and report preparation.

Business Administration, BA - Finance

Bachelor of Arts

The finance concentration is a great fit for analytical problem-solvers. Coursework includes commercial bank management, investment, financial planning, policy and strategy, as well as case studies in finance that provide real-world examples you can put into practice in the workplace.

Business Administration, BA - Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Arts

The management concentration prepares you for a variety of positions within the hospitality industry. You will graduate with an understanding of the variety of the hospitality management principles, technical and critical thinking skills to solve problems in an ethical manner and to communicate effectively in the business environment.

Business Administration, BA - Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Arts

Learn how to attract, manage, and develop talent within your organization with a concentration in HR management. Coursework explores compensation, benefits, training and development, recruitment, employee retention, workforce diversity, labor relations, training and development, management law, staffing selection, and performance evaluations.

Business Administration, BA - International Business

Bachelor of Arts

Gain the expertise to take your business career global with a concentration in international business. Coursework provides a strong foundation in communication skills and focuses on the international arena in finance, competition, entrepreneurship, global strategy, and international transactions.

Business Administration, BA - Management

Bachelor of Arts

The management concentration prepares you to advance in your career by studying topics such as managing diversity, cross-cultural communication, inventory management, quality assurance, ethics, globalization, and sales strategies. Increase your competencies in management with business knowledge that you can apply directly to the workplace.

Business Administration, BA - Marketing

Bachelor of Arts

A marketing concentration lets you combine your creative and analytical sides to design and execute strategies in advertising, brand management, market research, public relations, and more. Coursework includes advertising, promotion, and sales management; consumer behavior; online marketing; and marketing strategy.

Business Administration, BA - Transportation and Logistics

Bachelor of Arts

Logisticians coordinate and time a highly detailed chain of events to ensure that goods are consistently delivered safely, efficiently, and on time. Learn how to evaluate, plan and coordinate a company’s entire supply chain, overseeing a product’s life cycle from acquisition through distribution and delivery.

Business Administration, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Acquire both the broad conceptual framework and the work-specific skills needed to build a meaningful and successful career. In addition to learning key concepts in accounting and finance, management and marketing, and law, you will choose a concentration for focused study.

Business Administration, BA (Accelerated)

Bachelor of Arts

Gain both the broad conceptual framework and the work-specific skills needed to build a meaningful and successful career. The Keiser University Flagship Residential campus offers qualified students who meet eligibility criteria an accelerated schedule to complete the Business Administration, BA program in 36 months.

Business Analytics, BA

Bachelor of Arts

The program aims to provide students with knowledge in business and technical competencies to identify valid, novel, useful and understandable patterns in large volume of data. Students will work independently, in groups, and with organizations to turn meaningful data into useful information that will help to uncover strategic business needs, influence business decisions, and set new standards for sound decision making.

Criminal Justice, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Explore the history of the American criminal justice system, including its evolution and impact on society. You will develop your ability to think critically and communicate effectively; research, collect, and organize complex data; solve problems; and work collaboratively.

Cyber Forensics / Information Security, BS

Bachelor of Science

Learn the theoretical and practical knowledge technology professionals need to make strategic decisions about information security issues. This program is designed to meet the requirements of the National Security Agency (NSA) Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) curriculum, and graduates can sit for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam.

Exercise and Sports Science, BS

Bachelor of Science

Learn more about advanced health and fitness assessment, prescription, and lifestyle modification. The program provides information on health risk factors, exercise leadership, biomechanics of movement, physiological adaptations to exercise, injury prevention, corrective exercise, business management and ethics in sport. We have three concentrations for this Bachelor's degree, Applied Exercise Physiology Concentration, Health and Human Performance Concentration, and the Pre-Professional Concentration.

Health Information Management, BS

Bachelor of Science

Prepare for a career as a Health Information Administrator (RHIA) providing the critical link between health care providers, payers, and patients. Coursework addresses requirements and standards related to health care delivery and patient privacy, and coding classification systems used for patient records, reimbursement, and research.

Health Science, BS

Bachelor of Science

Designed for those with an associate degree in allied health, this intensive program of study enhances leadership and management skills. Explore the most relevant political, legal, and ethical challenges that are shaping health care policies and practices.

Health Services Administration, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Build a solid foundation in health care leadership, marketing, public policy, and finance while exploring the delivery of health care from a business and management perspective. Coursework examines the social, political, and economic factors contributing to the complexity of the U.S. health care system.

Homeland Security, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Study management principles used in formulating emergency plans for many government agencies, and learn how to prepare for, recognize, investigate, and respond to terrorist threats. Courses cover key topics such as the recognition and investigation of terrorism, catastrophic event response planning, and critical infrastructure protection.

Information Technology Management, BS

Bachelor of Science

Increase your knowledge of the business side of technology. Offered as a complete BS in Information Technology Management for those with no previous associate degree, or as degree completion for computer technicians already holding an associate degree in a computer-related field.

Interdisciplinary Studies, BS

Bachelor of Science

Design your own major to complete your degree. Combine two or more disciplines from Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, General Studies, Health Science, Health Services Administration, Homeland Security, Information Technology Management, Legal Studies, and Management Information Systems.

Legal Studies, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Prepare for a career in law and law-related fields (business, government, and criminal justice) and to pursue a law degree with a Bachelor of Art in Legal Studies. Or choose a law office management concentration to gain the education required for both paralegal and law office manager positions.

Management Information Systems, BS

Bachelor of Science

Learn how to use computers to analyze and meet business challenges and improve operations utilizing hardware, operating systems, networking, programming, and database management. Program includes valuable, real-world experience working in groups on projects with community organizations during the application and management components of the program.

Nursing, RN to BSN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Designed for registered nurses seeking broader professional responsibilities and career opportunities, this flexible online program can be completed in as few as 12 month's. Keiser's student-centered approach, flexible scheduling, and online convenience helps you earn your bachelor's degree and balance the demands of attending class with work, family, and other responsibilities.

Psychology, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Develop a strong understanding of psychology with the fundamental principles and research methods required for entry-level positions in a wide variety of professions, or for graduate study in psychology, other social and behavioral science disciplines, or professional schools such as law and business.

Accountancy, MAcc

Master of Accountancy

Designed for accounting professionals, this intensive program focuses on both the fundamentals of accounting theory and practice and higher-order skills such as aiding businesses in global advancement, pursuing ethical accounting practices, using professional communication, and effectively integrating modern technology.

Business Administration, MBA

Master of Business Administration

Learn how to develop business solutions by using strong analytical problem solving, team-oriented approaches, and strategic thinking. Core curriculum includes accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Customize your program with advanced classes in accounting, health services administration, international business management, marketing, or technology management.

Business Administration, MBA (Accelerated)

Master of Business Administration

Qualified students may complete our accelerated MBA program in 12 months. Curriculum focuses on accounting, finance, management, and marketing, and on developing effective communication and technical skills, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and team-oriented approaches.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS

Master of Science

Prepare for a variety of positions in the mental health field with the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills needed to improve the lives of others. Curriculum examines diverse counseling theories and approaches, principles and practices of diagnosis, and evidence-based treatments.

Criminal Justice, MA

Master of Arts

Learn to develop and apply vital critical-thinking and analytical skills to real-world criminal justice issues through an in-depth understanding of the ethical, psychological, and societal implications of the concept of justice and implementation of the justice system.

Education, MSEd

Master of Science in Education

Designed for administrators, instructors, program directors, and other education professionals, our Master of Science in Education program provides intensive theory and practice in specialized education.

Homeland Security, MA

Master of Arts

Learn how to respond to a broad range of evolving natural and man-made threats affecting homeland security, national borders, and cyber security, building a robust skill set, adaptive critical thinking, and a responsive approach to prevent and neutralize threats wherever and whenever they occur.

Joint Master of Science in Education - Master of Business Administration, MSEd-MBA


Designed for career college professionals aspiring to leadership positions in education-related organizations and businesses, the joint Master of Science in Education and Master of Business Administration (MSEd-MBA) degree program explores business and functional aspects of higher education management.

MSEd - Career College Administration

Master of Science in Education

Advance your career in college administration or student affairs with education and training in key areas of career college management. In addition to foundation courses, topics include marketing, enrollment management, student services, retention, and campus operations.

MSEd - Leadership

Master of Science in Education

Turn your experience as a seasoned educator into opportunities for advancement as an educational institution leader or administrator. Coursework focuses on all aspects of administrative roles, with courses on topics including diversity, curriculum design, ethics, decision-making, and instructional technology.

MSEd - Online Teaching and Learning

Master of Science in Education

Learn how to effectively design, teach, and lead online education and programs in institutions, businesses, and organizations for K-12 and adult learners. Coursework offers students advanced courses in assessment, diversity, decision-making, and technology aligned with practical learning applications.

MSEd - Teaching and Learning

Master of Science in Education

Improve your skills and instructional leadership abilities for public and private educational institutions. In addition to foundation courses, you will focus on classroom management, the psychology of learning, instructional best practices, and leadership for teachers.

MSEd, Allied Health Teaching and Leadership

Master of Science in Education

Prepare to impact change within the allied health field with a focus on issues and trends in health education; development, implementation, and evaluation of community health education programs; legal/ethical decision-making for health educators; and health behavior theories related to health education.

MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner

Master of Science in Nursing

Take a holistic approach to primary care for patients and their families. Coursework provides a strong foundation in health promotion, disease and injury prevention, and the management of acute and chronic diseases. The Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certification Examination is required for licensure.

Nursing, MSN

Master of Science in Nursing

Designed for RNs who have already obtained their BSN, the in-depth curriculum aims to develop critical-thinking and leadership skills. Learn culturally responsive communication techniques and how to apply scholarly reviewed practices to deliver health care that is caring, holistic, and patient-centered.

Nutrition with Distance Learning Internship, MS

Master of Science

Gain the education and skills needed to become a registered dietitian (RD), including an understanding of nutrition assessment and hospital dietetics, nutrition counseling in a variety of settings, and nutrition research. Includes a dietetic internship with supervised practice rotations at an approved site of your choosing.

Organizational Leadership, MS

Master of Science

Prepare for leadership roles in the private and public sectors with the knowledge and skills to address business challenges. You will learn how to develop responsive, proactive strategic plans; analyze emerging trends; employ dynamic motivational practices; and facilitate effective conflict resolution.

Organizational Psychology, MS

Master of Science

Learn how to help businesses and organizations improve productivity while achieving their mission and promoting loyalty within their workforce. Through simulated field experience you will practice and hone organizational psychology skills including human resources, employee satisfaction, personnel psychology, and leadership.

Psychology, MS

Master of Science

Open opportunities in teaching, consulting, assessment, or doctoral study. This research-based program focuses on the scientific study of psychology, critical evaluation of research, and application of research principles to the psychology field and culminates in a capstone project.

Women's Health and Midwifery, MS

Master of Science

Gain the knowledge and skills to become a leader in women’s health and nurse-midwifery. Students will explore the complexities of providing primary care to women in evolving health-care environments while preparing for certification by The American Midwifery Certification Board. Applicants must have their BS degree in Nursing (BSN).

Business Administration, DBA

Doctor of Business Administration

Choose a specialization in marketing, management, or global business, and gain the advanced skills and broad insights needed in an evolving, global marketplace. You’ll learn effective leadership and decision-making practices with hands-on problem-solving opportunities.

Criminal Justice and Criminology, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

Take a scholarly approach to criminal justice and criminology issues and gain a deeper understanding of contemporary criminal justice system policies and practices, the nature and causes of crime, and the ability of various agencies to meet community safety needs.

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

Prepare to lead the development of curriculum for the 21st century. This program fosters the advanced skills to research, design, develop, implement, and disseminate innovative educational content to improve achievement and affect positive societal change at the P-20 levels.

Educational Leadership, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

Hone your leadership, writing, research, and critical thinking skills to advance in K-12 through higher education settings. Coursework includes curriculum design, leadership theory, educational law, and community relations, and focuses on ethical decision making, best practices, and working with diverse communities.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

Prepare for active leadership roles with a direct influence on your organization’s goals and missions. Curriculum focuses on both management and employees’ needs and behaviors to facilitate real, meaningful change at every level in private and public industries as well as research and academia.

Instructional Design and Technology, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

Influence the future of education through technology-based learning models. You’ll learn how to evaluate, assess, and apply instructional systems design, theory, tools, and technologies to achieve desired educational and training outcomes in various settings.

Nursing Practice, DNP

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Designed for master’s-prepared registered nurses, this program helps nursing professionals meet the unique needs of the communities they serve and achieve better patient outcomes through improved quality, safety, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Psychology, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

This research-based program focuses on career advancement in teaching, consulting, administration, or institutional research. Build a foundation for theoretically grounded research and development of knowledge in the study and application of personality, motivation, learning, emotion, and behavior.

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